We are a small kennel of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, that is registered under the auspices of FCI. Our intention is rearing healthy individuals representing a beautiful and noble breed with wonderful character. Our dogs are brought up in a family environment, also in countryside in harmony with nature, which is an everyday part of their lives. The matter of course in the education of our dogs are healthy socialization, joy and acumen.

Why just Swissy and Giona Veru?

Because is beautiful, large, powerful, loving, goofy, loyal and protective. We will never regret that we gave home to one little puppy. Aya, the first female puppy of Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, showed us how can be devoted and faithful to her family. We are sure of that we

After the first successes at exhibitions we decided to establish our kennel which we named according to the names of our children – Giona ( Jonas ) and Veru ( Veronika ). We offer puppies of our breeding only to people who are able to provide a home in which they will be raised with the utmost care and will be the center of attention.

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